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Have you ever heard of renters' insurance? Do you know what it entails? Our agency can help teach you about the ins and outs of a renters policy. The Independent Insurance Agency of Richmond is a renowned firm that offers reliable services to Virginia citizens.

Legal Requirements for Renters Coverage

The Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act states that each landlord should ensure that all tenants have renters insurance. It comprises a multi-disaster policy that contains a fire, personal liability, and various property coverage. In short, it protects private property in a residential apartment or rented home.

A tenant pays the premium costs for the policy which the landlord obtains. If the landlords prefer a tenant to pay the premiums before occupying a building, the accumulative insurance premiums and security deposits should be below a two-month rent.

Also, the landlord is supposed to notify a tenant that they are allowed to purchase a different policy from the one that they use. In case they opt to have coverage, the tenant should issue the landlord with written proof of their plan.

We offer the following coverage options:

Personal Property Coverage

The policy covers personal items such as appliances, clothes, and cleaning supplies. However, one should always account for their property as most renters commonly underestimate their value. They forget small items while focusing on large ones. We consider the retail value of your property when replacing it.

Personal Liability Coverage

The policy is useful when an individual is guilty of accidental bodily injury and property damage on or outside the property. It excludes cars and businesses.

Additional living expenses

In case of an incident that makes your home unsuitable for occupation, our coverage meets the cost of hotel accommodations and extra expenses to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Meanwhile, we'll help you get back to your normal life.


At times, we may ask a tenant to pay a certain amount before we start compensating them. Therefore, one should always ensure that they can access those funds as they may require them after filing a lawsuit.

At the Independent Insurance Agency of Richmond, we have a team of reliable renter's insurance agents. We help Virginia clients win their claims in case of accidents or damages. Reach out to our offices to speak with an agent and to get started on a renters insurance policy.

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