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Trucking Insurance

Truckers are a unique part of the Virginia business industry. They are crucial for transporting goods from one location to another which keeps the operations of a business from collapsing.

By being a trucker comes the consequences of the road. A variety of incidents and accidents can fall upon your rig while trekking across the country. Independent Insurance Agency of Richmond wants to help protect your truck from liability, collision, transportation issues, vandalism, and much more.

Virginia Trucking Insurance

There are a variety of insurance options for truckers in Virginia. Some of the more important policies include:

Primary Liability Coverage – This type of policy protects your finances from being depleted when you cause an accident and have to pay for repairs to the other vehicle or party. Typically, this is provided by your employer and will pay for damages caused by your rig if you are found at fault in an accident while on the job. This will not cover the damages for your truck.

General Liability Insurance – This type of liability covers you when you are not on the road. This is a type of personal insurance which will cater for damages that happen to a party while at rest stops or loading and unloading. Sometimes your trucking company will cater for this type of insurance.

Non-Trucking Liability – This is coverage for when you are not on the job. This covers your truck from incidents that occur while driving home from work or moving your rig to a new location while not on the clock.

There is a variety of specialty insurance options that come with trucking insurance. It is important to reach out to your insurance agent at Independent Insurance Agency of Richmond to learn more about the options available. It is also important to make a note that trucking insurance is required in all 50 states across the U.S.

Reach out to the Virginia offices of Independent Insurance Agency of Richmond to speak with an agent and get started on a policy. By contacting us, you can receive a quote for your truck and choose the insurance options you need for your job. We look forward to working with you!

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